Brand New Apartments By Frida Hill

Finnish interior designer Frida Hill’s apartment(Pro) offers occupants a fresh start, ensuring them take a few moments of relaxation, to reflect and have some privacy, just in case some of us needed some extra room for guests.Offering a warm, welcoming atmosphere, original minimalist interiors and furniture design by the Finnish designer Brandan Tette, Frida Hill presents this chic and angular […]

Nordic Decor In Stockholm At The Forefront Of Design

Think modern, minimalist, neutral, clean and bright, we’re here to show you one of the most beautiful spaces, Stockholm’s city centre. And it’s no wonder when such spaces are accompanied by the theme of “the home,” a habitat for the heads of family – rich, deep colors and carefully picked decor elements, nestled among a collection of carefully curated prints […]

Marimo Ball Caretaker’s Courtyard

It will be fun to invite the kids either to play some board games or to have fun with the neighbors. They will surely appreciate having a place where they can play and enjoy nice weather. So the idea from Mom of little kids, to involve them in the wooden building process and building process, will be really helpful. This […]