En Suite Room By Paprerello – A Genius Turning Your Tired Room Into Your Own Spa

Romantic, comfortable and a bit playful to say the least, we are en suite room by paprerello. The luxury French firm plays with time, space and perception to create a space that is actually second to none. The setting is then filled with contemporary, almost minimalist details that give the setting a rather luxurious feel. Creating an environment that is […]

Modern Makeup Table By Matteo Thun

If you think Beauty is the hardest thing to do and you know how to manifest these characteristics anyone else would fall in love with, you should take a look at this nice and simple makeup table designed by Matteo Thun. With a simple design, of course, choosing only two colors for the table is not too much nor should […]

Small Countertops In Green

There are quite a few variations of kitchens, more specifically in terms of designs and being designed so it’s almost impossible to guess what’s possible. This is a modern kitchen designed in general around strong contrasts and bright contrasts in terms of colors and finishes and especially in combination with light tones. Here are some of the elements that usually […]

60 Futon-like Freestanding Bathtubs

Bathroom vanities are a standard feature in most homes. They allow us to instantly forget about the importance of the furniture and the storage space we occupy with. This is a problem mostly because people like to have things around them but also because people like to maintain a universal standard in every aspect. So it’s important to have plenty […]

Narrow Wire Shelving Concept By Marti Guixe

The Hanging Happiness is yet another space from Marti Guixe. The designer finished the hanging concept and presented it in our very first issue of Pastel Paris. These colorful and functional pieces of décor decoration are the perfect solution for small spaces or dorm rooms where hanging functionality is crucial. These simple elements can also make a big difference. The […]