Tension Rods Ikea Castle In Amsterdam

This quiet, beautiful and peaceful property in Amsterdam is an old castle bought when the owner of the castle was a student and spent it years doing things that were the way he wanted. The building was really old and had lots of stories to tell so it was a challenge for the designers to preserve those elements and to […]

Ikea Sconces By Joanna Roche

The Scandinavian habit of building wooden houses and also sometimes of making them face towards different directions for their façade seems to be reflected in the way designers choose to decorate them. Let’s see how Zwarte and Joanna Roche have opted to interpret this concept in some unusual and beautiful ways. The beautiful thing about them is that they like […]

Mirror Behind Sofa? Bring It Home!

From fashion to furniture design, the mirrors by Studio RHE are coming in a hard double form. The mirrors create a new wave in the living room decor department. Sure, a plain mirror in the foreground gives the room a bit of pizazz, but this gleaming accent can really add some punch. The mirror frames are also a popular thing […]

Olive Oil Stain Top A Fun And Funky Color Combo

Olive and turquoise are two colors that go really well together. They both make beautiful combinations, especially if they’re used together. This is a combo that, combined, creates a very fun and funky color combo for the home. Here are some examples of how you can use these two colors in the same décor. Let’s see how you could transform […]

Anthropologie Mural By Max Caspani – Tree Of Life

Designer Max Caspani has created the aesthetically stunning Hex Wallpaper in collaboration with Fredericia De Pont, a French designer. The Hex creation is word-bound and visually stunning, as well as visually interesting. The Hex canvas is designed around a large stylized stylized orb, while the canvas itself is an interesting combination of materials, with an artistic touch. The aesthetically pleasing […]