Pics Of Wainscoting

Wainscoting is fun, everyone knows that, so when it comes to interior design, wainscoting is an ever popular, popular pattern. I think it’s also a timeless pattern and it will always work with everything. Here are some tips on how to create a beautiful, colorful living room in your own home. Start with the Walls. Having wainscoting in your home […]

Hanging Closet Rod And Hooks By Kwang-Young Chun

Nowadays we seem to use all sorts of tricks to solve the most complicated designs and to create new and ingenious elements. However, these ideas have become more mainstream recently and so thefloorside projects seem to be more popular. This is yet another hanging closet created by Kwang-Young Chun. She managed to create something beautiful and impressive that proves very […]

Paint Window Trim

Shelves are not meant to only be functional storage containers. They are often used as display spaces for small items or things that you don’t like such as a laptop or a small lamp. But lately window trims have become more and more useful as we have our homes to recycle and match with our architecture. However, such trims can […]