Osb Furniture And Stairs Designed By Jturfi

The new furniture collection from Italian company Jarchitettura focuses on dualism, with a multi-layered surface in pure white to harmonise the minimalist geometry. The white background balanced by the graphite grey-green of the furniture pieces leads the eye across the room, from floor to ceiling – without taking away from its modern white canvas, which brings this dualist aesthetic to […]

Bunk Bed Storage ByAtelier D’Architecture

Bunk beds are very practical and functional pieces of furniture. Usually, people only need a spacious bedroom, with a nice and airy décor and skip the real bedroom with a large bed. This little piece of furniture can also be very useful in other situations. For example, this piece can also be very useful in a work place or for […]

Diy Table Leg-topped Design

Legno, one of the world’s most exquisite objects, has recently hosted a series of ingenious table leg designs, which they call nature. Designed by Lievore Altherr Molina, the table “falls from the outside in surprising and surprising fashion, surprising the viewer or the nature-loving nature of the designer. The result is an exhibition piece or simply a room for the […]

Watering Trough Planters

A very clever way of adding plants to the landscape is using a water trough planter. If you don’t want to steal the whole landscape design or you want something unique and original you don’t even have to think of that. So the next idea will probably fool you. This watering trough planter is very creative. It works with air […]