Quilt Display Piece: Stone Forest Collection

The Stone Forest collection is a series of very interesting pieces. The stone pieces are made from recycled broken slate stones. They look very dramatic and they give a sense of mystery and beauty to a home. They can also be used as utilitarian accessories. The Stone Forest collection impresses with the organic beauty offered by the stones and with […]

Lebus Furniture Aa Teared

Among the fresh colors and patterns, there are the pastels, the oriental patterns and the sprinkle of … pastel colors, they are the sweet tones which bring harmony to any home. They can create wonderful rooms, but also seem to bring peace and relaxation. A house with such harmonious colored rooms will always seem more welcoming and comfortable. It is […]

Roseanne Living Room Decor

The living room is an essential space in any home. Here, as well as in other rooms, it’s supposed to be a place for socialization. But if you prefer simplicity, then it can be adapted to any situation or style. For example if you prefer bright and light colors that can be combined, here’s an idea of a very simple […]

Caramel Leather Sofa

Leather sofas are very rare and very expensive. Even though they feature this quality, their designs are not original, even though their purpose was apparently changed. With this in mind we can’t find an example that could describe this sofa. However, you can either match it with the rest of your furniture or you can surprise everyone with this sofa. […]

Chalk Painting Fabric By Tracup

Chalkboard paint has come a long way since it was first invented and now it has emerged in the world of interior design and decoration. It is used in all sorts of forms, from wallpapers to furniture and food items. It can created wonderful decorative objects, nice looking and colorful, without having to use too much imagination. It is still […]

Dark Green Sofa By Perri

I don’t know why, but I like the atmosphere of a city villa: everywhere you look there are the crowds, the people, the noise and the agitation. If you are lucky, you will be in a large building with many offices, shops and other public places, but an appropriate place for a young person, who loves the city. I like […]

Sleeping Pit Bed By Kaare B. Lusei

Even though it never gets as excited as waking up in the morning, this sleeping pit bed is actually very nice and cozy and extremely comfortable. It looks minimalistic and it looks relaxing but it’s actually super relaxing and comfortable. Sleeping on the side of the bed, you can fall asleep and feel tranquil and peaceful, almost like you’re watching […]