Patterned Sofa By Jay Greene, Kitsilvanier

If your living room is a large one with high ceilings, then consider taking advantage of that by bringing in some large colorful sofas and clubbed stools. This way you will easily achieve an effortless display while not taking up any space visually. All sofas are swanky and give you a much needed pop of color that will instantly make […]

Couch Depth – A New Sport For The Past 200 Years

Couch Depth – is this piece designed by Studio P for a remote-controlled remote cabin?Why, you may ask? We’ll here about it. This large, yet unconventional tentpole-inspired lounge cabin was designed to be perfect for reading, watching TV, or napping. The idea is that it lets you fall asleep comfortably and find your way back in the maze of your […]

Bookshelf Towers From Minotti

Nowadays everything is modern. White is everywhere and if you are a woman you know about that funny people that associate themselves with this “printers” that keep their head up and don’t let any of you touch their content. But I am a boy so I loved it when it looked like I was captured in a race car. Of […]

Sherlock Holmes Apartment

It is not professional where you have to pay attention to your taste or the people around you. It is a place where all people are trying to make some difference and live a better and more comfortable life. Old and simple things are considered cheap and sophisticated things are trendy all the time. Old stuff bring luxury and represent […]

Enfilade Architecture Studio By Pablo José Costa In Collaboration With Santa Barbara Studio Blacario

Pablo José Costa, principal of Santa Barbara Studio Blacario, has designed the facades of the Enfilade architecture company in San Sebastián, Mexico. Completed in 2011, the project consists of four 5’x8’ concrete cubes stacked and partially stacked to create a large porch and terrace lined with planting grass. Enfilade architecture studio: “The firm’s design demonstrates an integration between the original […]

Friends Couch Pivot Bench

Every little thing, every detail tells us something about the other person and their preferences. You might be surprised to find out that the person you hug, your partner or with whom you spend time in the room may not be the type that likes to be surrounded by furniture around them. Misery inspires love, happiness and trust. When Sorbonne […]

Organized Hoarder’s Home Made With Light Wood

This is the M House, an interestingly-shaped residence located in Erérlast, a municipality in the Belgian province of Flemish Brabant. It was designed by Belgian firm destiliet. The M House was designed – in term, M House. The inspiration came from the M trucks from the cargo industry. Built in the open period the residence is made from metal sheet. […]