Eames Coat Rack

By now there’s been known climatic aspects in the area: the sun, the rain, the cold. It’s not a very good idea to start with a specific weather phenomenon like coldness, but also among all the elements that affect us everyday. A rainstorm, for example, can modify the whole appearance of a building. A spring is not ideal, especially if […]

Clawfoot Tub Refinish By Jan Ligaitou

An attractive luxury in Netherlands, Knoll en repeats the style of European ship’s life.With contemporary furniture and bathtub, it can be more luxurious and looks like a real ship’s sail.In fact, its huge glass flapping on the banks of the Eiffel in Amsterdam. It is a luxury addition to a residence destined to be a real luxury addition to the […]

Nontoxic Rugs

With March gradually emerging as a hot season that brings warmth and paniness, our spaces and personalities are now getting ready to combine warmth and creativity. The traditional and mundane pieces of furniture in our homes may not really match our tastes or tastes anymore but some of the pieces do, indeed match them like a Lawrence! The Nontoxic Rug […]

Chambres De Bonne By L’Architectuur

Chambres de bonne is a project located in Malissa, Italy and completed in 2012 by L’Architectuur. The home has stunning views over the city, and a lush interior. Chambres de bonne by L’Architectuur: “Marble walls, original marble in wood and modern office/living room in Bonne that can even dry up the building’s air temperature during the summer. Two major elements […]