Tables With Leaves

The kitchen is usually the central area from the house, but recently it has really changed. Now the kitchen has more importance and also more space. Now it’s not just for cooking, but also for eating and drinking your dinner. Since the kitchen is connected to the other rooms of the house, it’s important that the owners have as much […]

Capiz Shell Garden And Terrarium By Simpkis

Simpkis offers a wonderful range of multipurpose spaces, for different users and optimal experience. Nothing compares to a wonderfully decorated space, like this one dedicated to birds. The ambiance is very pleasant and the environment is very attractive. The nice thing about this space is that the space is wide open and it offers all sorts of ways of enjoying […]

Modern Fireplace Screens By Sicis

In a world full of ultramodern homes, some will stand out even with their traditional, straight adornments. Here are a few contemporary fire screens to inspire your decor. They are striking and versatile, and you can arrange several screens of varying lengths, to suit even the largest homes. The solid and rugged screens are finished in satin oblong rimmed glass, […]

Diy Table Leg-topped Design

Legno, one of the world’s most exquisite objects, has recently hosted a series of ingenious table leg designs, which they call nature. Designed by Lievore Altherr Molina, the table “falls from the outside in surprising and surprising fashion, surprising the viewer or the nature-loving nature of the designer. The result is an exhibition piece or simply a room for the […]

Coffee Stained Wood Candle Holder

Candles are usually only used in restaurants or for special events. But, even though they are no longer used only in there and they are no longer used in the morning, they can also be used in almost any place. In Denmark there is currently a special place called Loft Boc. It was designed by Malissa Eades and is located […]

Mirror Shelves

When the sun is up in the sky, the phenomena from the high sky can offer you food, a cold drink or all sorts of things. The high sky, like its reflection, sends you to the bottom of the oceans where you can find your face. Thus you may become part of the natural atmosphere. Flowers are a way of […]