Paint Window Trim

Shelves are not meant to only be functional storage containers. They are often used as display spaces for small items or things that you don’t like such as a laptop or a small lamp. But lately window trims have become more and more useful as we have our homes to recycle and match with our architecture. However, such trims can […]

En Suite Room By Paprerello – A Genius Turning Your Tired Room Into Your Own Spa

Romantic, comfortable and a bit playful to say the least, we are en suite room by paprerello. The luxury French firm plays with time, space and perception to create a space that is actually second to none. The setting is then filled with contemporary, almost minimalist details that give the setting a rather luxurious feel. Creating an environment that is […]

Art Nouveau Peacock-themed Kitchen

The bird theme is extremely popular as it’s both nature and modern meaning. Modern and sustainable-looking houses, holiday homes and even offices use this symbol all year long. The peacock is also a symbol of style, of simplicity and style, both of which are not affected by the disturbing story that starts with the peacock. Nevertheless, there’s something very unique […]

Roseanne Living Room

When you decorate the house you usually choose the most inspired piece. For example some pieces are made especially for you so it’s easier to make them disappear. Here are some ideas of how you can do that. Rose Anne is a very beautiful living room, with an interesting design and floral patterns. She is a tall and elegant chair […]

Marimo Ball Caretaker’s Courtyard

It will be fun to invite the kids either to play some board games or to have fun with the neighbors. They will surely appreciate having a place where they can play and enjoy nice weather. So the idea from Mom of little kids, to involve them in the wooden building process and building process, will be really helpful. This […]