Slim Couches For Tiny Spaces

Slim, crisp, comfortable and lightweight, comfortable and lightweight are the best ways to describe the Versace sofa. A sofas can also double as desks, desks, dressers and shelves. The Timeless series thus teaches us that small spaces are elegance and simplicity go hand in hand. The inspiration for this furniture series comes from the first steps of the human chain, […]

Midcentury Modern Wedding Tables

wedding tables have always been interesting. They have some odd features, most of them surprising based on some particular persons. This is the case of a wedding featured by White Spring. It’s a very interesting mix. Usually wedding tables are small, with tables and simply large. This one is particularly traditional. It features a very interesting mix of styles. The […]

Foyer Shoe Storage System

Nowadays most hallways look unchanged, without any changes in terms of shape, size or color. This is not because people prefer the current look, but because this is the only way to go. Of course, some of us still live with the old-fashioned hallways. They are not suitable for a modern environment where furniture, storage units and decorations need to […]

Small Countertops In Green

There are quite a few variations of kitchens, more specifically in terms of designs and being designed so it’s almost impossible to guess what’s possible. This is a modern kitchen designed in general around strong contrasts and bright contrasts in terms of colors and finishes and especially in combination with light tones. Here are some of the elements that usually […]

Shelves Over Windows – Loft Space In Stockholm

At first, this may seem like a very unconventional and odd design but it’s actually exactly what makes it stand out. This is the 1-bedroom apartment located in Stockholm, Sweden. The apartment is currently on the market at the price of 9,ica. It’s situated in a building that dates back to 1963. Even though it’s quite small, the apartment has […]