Roar + Rabbit-adorned House In New York

This extraordinary New York house was built by John Shaw Architect in 2008. And he kept it simple, without many decorative accessories and without furniture. Well, I think he did a great job and we should all do that in the same time. Located in New York, this wonderful two story house has been designed keeping in mind industrial details […]

Bookshelf Towers From Minotti

Nowadays everything is modern. White is everywhere and if you are a woman you know about that funny people that associate themselves with this “printers” that keep their head up and don’t let any of you touch their content. But I am a boy so I loved it when it looked like I was captured in a race car. Of […]

Witch Bedroom Headboards With A Paint

You don’t have to be a witch to be a good magDM or to do some good by buying good Halloween decorations. For example, the headboard is a piece that can give personality to a space and makes it really inviting and fun to decorate. Still, let’s see how such a design would look like. Let’s first check out a […]

Enfilade Architecture Studio By Pablo José Costa In Collaboration With Santa Barbara Studio Blacario

Pablo José Costa, principal of Santa Barbara Studio Blacario, has designed the facades of the Enfilade architecture company in San Sebastián, Mexico. Completed in 2011, the project consists of four 5’x8’ concrete cubes stacked and partially stacked to create a large porch and terrace lined with planting grass. Enfilade architecture studio: “The firm’s design demonstrates an integration between the original […]

Osb Furniture And Stairs Designed By Jturfi

The new furniture collection from Italian company Jarchitettura focuses on dualism, with a multi-layered surface in pure white to harmonise the minimalist geometry. The white background balanced by the graphite grey-green of the furniture pieces leads the eye across the room, from floor to ceiling – without taking away from its modern white canvas, which brings this dualist aesthetic to […]

Kardiel Furniture Review

The idea is that a home should be both market-based and desirable. Someone has to be able to sell and make the house attractive by offering certain criteria. In that case, the décor should be somewhat similar to market-based and the buyers should also have a strong sense of taste. This is usually the case with nursery rooms. The first […]

Animal Lighting From Delightfull

How about lighting your furniture, for the living room or for an office? You can choose from a wide range of lights to suit your needs and your home decor. Whether you are looking for a pendant, chandelier, track lamp, or wall sconce lights, you can find many models in numerous different styles, thicknesses, styles, sizes, and finishes. You can […]