Sherlock Holmes Apartment

It is not professional where you have to pay attention to your taste or the people around you. It is a place where all people are trying to make some difference and live a better and more comfortable life. Old and simple things are considered cheap and sophisticated things are trendy all the time. Old stuff bring luxury and represent […]

Organized Hoarder’s Home Made With Light Wood

This is the M House, an interestingly-shaped residence located in Erérlast, a municipality in the Belgian province of Flemish Brabant. It was designed by Belgian firm destiliet. The M House was designed – in term, M House. The inspiration came from the M trucks from the cargo industry. Built in the open period the residence is made from metal sheet. […]

Foldable Dish Rack

When it comes to dishes and small items, the more we think about them the more they become more interesting and fascinating. It’s not a big problem actually. We can all make decorative dishes out of small plastic containers, bottles, cans or other similar containers. The only problem is that if you find one that will do the trick, you […]

Olive Oil Stain Top A Fun And Funky Color Combo

Olive and turquoise are two colors that go really well together. They both make beautiful combinations, especially if they’re used together. This is a combo that, combined, creates a very fun and funky color combo for the home. Here are some examples of how you can use these two colors in the same décor. Let’s see how you could transform […]