Pillow Talk Pillows

My little self-made studio is in there and I am so tired. Of course I do not work very hard and I usually just wake up in bed and my flat is filled with all sorts of useless things and do not leave it for a few days. Well, why leave the comfort of your bed all to the credit […]

Wall Tapestries Ikea By Neostudio Rosano

People have used their imagination and creativity for more than just personal things. They created things that can make you feel relaxed and nice and I am talking about bathrooms. You can see here a warm and cozy bathroom that has a wall tapestry above it. Wall tapestries have some particular colours and shapes and this is what makes them […]

Moroccan Wedding Rug DIY

If you want a special wedding without having to go through all the costs, all it takes is a creative mind and imagination. This DIY wedding rug is the perfect thing for you and it’s extremely simple. It’s crafted from naturally durable zebra and wool cotton. It’s so simple that it makes you wonder how come you haven’t seen this […]

Extension Cord Wrapping Paper For Kitchen – New Y-Rite Cardboard Kitchen Hoods From Quasar

Just because you live in the kitchen doesn’t mean you have to give up functionality. If you want to keep your kitchen clean and neat without wasting a lot of counter space, then you should consider the new Y-Rite kitchen hoods from Quasar. These contemporary kitchen hoods will look glamorous in any kitchen. Contemporarily hidden within these sleek kitchen designs, […]

Hanging Tapestry By Amy Adams

If you’re looking for some cute and beautiful accessories for your home, we found a very beautiful and interesting idea that we’d like to share with you. It’s a hanging tapestry, a detail that can potentially be used to your advantage when decorating a room. The project is very interesting at this point but doesn’t really send a positive message […]

Wall Mounted Desk – The Eco-Spiral By Emanuele Magatelli

The Eco-Spiral desk by Emanuele Magatelli is a beautiful work of art. It’s part of the “Ce-Spiral Collection” and it’s a contemporary creation characterized by simplicity and clean lines, great ergonomics and very good taste. The Eco-Spiral desk is part of the “ushes” Collection, featuring modern lines and exquisite attention to detail. The desk has a very simple and rudimentary […]