Hair Ties Organizer

Air cabins always express their users’ emotions or requests. Usually the only element you notice after you open a door is the door being made of paper and not flower. That is why people try to combine all kinds of material and even colors like silk cord, plastic and silk ties. This nice hair tie organizer is made of merenta […]

Leather Cabinet Pulls

Leather is a very beautiful and elegant material which can be used for furniture in many different ways. So if you want your bathroom to be more stylish and less plain, you’ll probably want to include something similar. Here’s an example of a leather cabinet pulls. They look very elegant and they’ve been used as accent pieces for the interior […]

Ceiling Bed Canopy By Fabio Gianoli

The bed is usually the most important and most important piece of furniture in the bedroom. Whatever it’s useful, there it will always be a spectacular focal point. In order to be beautiful and chic, these ceiling canopy designs were actually inspired by. This beauty is the ceiling canopy of an Italian pub called Paolo Stefano in Venice. The Fabio […]

Spair Bed By Markus Johansson – Moon Recliner

The Moon recliner is an eye-catching and interesting piece of furniture that would look great in any modern living room. It’s a piece that combines the elegance of modern and traditional elements and creates a relaxed environment wrapped in timelessness. The Moon chair is available is several different colors and prints. There are several different patterns available and if you’re […]

Canvas Sofa By Amy Hautert

Canvas furniture is timeless and simple but it has become trendy lately. Here’s an example of a very unusual piece of furniture. It’s the Canvas sofa. Even though the lines are very similar, there are some very unusual details that you can’t miss. That’s mostly because of the colors and textures that are used to create this dynamic pattern. However, […]

Steelmaster Filing Cabinet

If you have enough time, you’ll be amazed to find out how easily you can transform a whole room’s décor into a practical and beautiful space. For example, this simple steelmaster filing cabinet could be just the thing you need to bring some storage to a room and this can also help you better organize all your files. It’s a […]

Diy Table Leg-topped Design

Legno, one of the world’s most exquisite objects, has recently hosted a series of ingenious table leg designs, which they call nature. Designed by Lievore Altherr Molina, the table “falls from the outside in surprising and surprising fashion, surprising the viewer or the nature-loving nature of the designer. The result is an exhibition piece or simply a room for the […]

Coffee Stained Wood Candle Holder

Candles are usually only used in restaurants or for special events. But, even though they are no longer used only in there and they are no longer used in the morning, they can also be used in almost any place. In Denmark there is currently a special place called Loft Boc. It was designed by Malissa Eades and is located […]