Caramel Leather Sofa

Leather sofas are very rare and very expensive. Even though they feature this quality, their designs are not original, even though their purpose was apparently changed. With this in mind we can’t find an example that could describe this sofa. However, you can either match it with the rest of your furniture or you can surprise everyone with this sofa. […]

Modern Makeup Table By Matteo Thun

If you think Beauty is the hardest thing to do and you know how to manifest these characteristics anyone else would fall in love with, you should take a look at this nice and simple makeup table designed by Matteo Thun. With a simple design, of course, choosing only two colors for the table is not too much nor should […]

Low Tv Cabinet For The Kitchen

Modern things make people try to get more from the ordinary things that are already too useful. So it would be a good idea to have a TV in the kitchen too. Here is a special TV Cabinet that can be a perfect addition to your kitchen. Unlike the cabinet, this TV cabinet is designed specifically for the living room. […]

Vintage Sleeper Sofas With A Retro Design

Geometric designs are always fun, full of fun and colorful reflections of the worlds that they inhabit. These vintage sofas which have recently been restored by Swedish designer Vasper Puembo are a perfect piece of furniture. While simple and casual, the sofa has been treated as a chic multipurpose piece that can easily double as a coffee table whenever needed. […]

Modern Desert Homes By Jerry Kaviss Architect

Jerry Kaviss Architect’sinterpretation of a desert residence in New York took as long as their project permit demonstrates. The collaboration with Chicago-based Architect, Claudio D’amore and Sascha Papantonio was successful. They established a firm which is committed and open to community projects, both private and public, with architecture who believe in human spirit and the environmental concerns. This bold statements […]

Modern Fireplace Screens By Sicis

In a world full of ultramodern homes, some will stand out even with their traditional, straight adornments. Here are a few contemporary fire screens to inspire your decor. They are striking and versatile, and you can arrange several screens of varying lengths, to suit even the largest homes. The solid and rugged screens are finished in satin oblong rimmed glass, […]