Dresser As Nightstand…

Does the bedroom always look better than in its bare concrete minimalism? Just because a piece of furniture has drawers, bedside tables, or closet organizers, doesn’t mean all the pieces are destined towards cubitioning. But this Belarus headboard has a very well-defined purpose, though it conceals many extra functions as well. On the contrary, the dresser can provide extra storage […]

Modern Makeup Table By Matteo Thun

If you think Beauty is the hardest thing to do and you know how to manifest these characteristics anyone else would fall in love with, you should take a look at this nice and simple makeup table designed by Matteo Thun. With a simple design, of course, choosing only two colors for the table is not too much nor should […]

Tables With Leaves

The kitchen is usually the central area from the house, but recently it has really changed. Now the kitchen has more importance and also more space. Now it’s not just for cooking, but also for eating and drinking your dinner. Since the kitchen is connected to the other rooms of the house, it’s important that the owners have as much […]

Skinny Cabinet By Benjamin Grainley

I’ve always liked delicate things and I think that inspired designers to also be able to take special pieces of furniture and combine them in order to get similar looks, to change a décor or to enrich it with unique details. The designer Benjamin Grainley managed to transform simple items in wonderful original piece that have all the potential of […]

Counter Top Height Kitchen

Kitchens don’t really get very little space, especially in modern and contemporary kitchens. In those years when there wasn’t a lot of space available and in the center of the house kitchens used to be very rarely situated here. As time has passed and people moved into more and more houses, the kitchen got more and more isolated. It’s when […]

Chic Tv Stands

Even though it has become a must-have, a TV stand is not exactly something you have envisaged yourself or you have to try to find out in a store. However, once you see this one, you realize it’s practical and beautiful. We’re talking about those lovely stand we suggest you definitely like. This one is also very practical from an […]

Industrial Studio Apartment With A Retro Feel

This small, cold and completely dreary apartment was transformed by designers from FILD.A studio having to redesign a 5000 square feet office space for a young couple, the couple didn’t want to have a space that screams domestic warmth that’s easy to monitor. So they used what they had to bring inside when designing and decorating their home. They expanded […]

1920 Homes Interior Design Ideas – Everyone Photos By Lee

You’re probably all familiar with Kim Kim’s creations. They’re designs for private homes. We’re already familiar with Kim’s interesting creations and now we can find them on IMHotel. We’re also going to show you some of her more interesting creations. These are interior designs for rooms such as the kitchen, the bathroom and even living rooms. These are photos for […]