Bathroom Cart

Tables are good and useful objects that everybody could use. Whether you are a business person looking for a practical and functional table or an adult who is always on the run with a plan, a bathroom tub is a table that takes you to some other part of the world. Any way, even if it may seem like a […]

Pipe Curtain Rod

The pipe curtain rod is a must-have in any bedroom , especially if you have two adjoining bedroom walls. It’s generally used as a protective curtain that also keeps the transition between the spaces is less clear. It has been designed by Patrick Heringham who took the pipe curtains to a new level by giving them a modern and practical […]

Dining Loveseats

Even though the dining room is near the relaxation areas sometimes, sometimes it’s hard to find the right place for alfresco dining, especially during the summer. You first associate the place with the kitchen and you wish to find some other way of eating, just to make your household an extra living space during summer. But that’s not always the […]

Orange Sofa By Christof Weber

Usually the most simple and abstract pieces of furniture look like beautiful paintings or sculptures that embellish our homes. But it’s ugly and out of fashion and these pieces won’t stay there forever but you’ll never be able to replace them when you have something like this in your home. It’s quite common for children’s furniture to be shaped in […]

Orange Couch By Leigh Kvellum

The new DK collection from leigh kvellum features an intense orange finish. A very subtle but also striking contrast you can like and you know that’s what the designer says. Also, there is a very distinct contrast between the high-gloss orange lacquer finish and the matte tone used for the cushions. There is no way you could accuse you fainting […]

Oversized Framing – A Versatile And Stylish Alternative For Every Style Of Decor

framing is a style that suits well even when you already have very simple walls or very basic furniture. It’s used for the little things like the photo frames, photo frames, trophy frames, etc. Framing can be done in many different ways. For example, you could use a classic frame and some rope or string to make something interesting and […]