Tension Rods Ikea Castle In Amsterdam

This quiet, beautiful and peaceful property in Amsterdam is an old castle bought when the owner of the castle was a student and spent it years doing things that were the way he wanted. The building was really old and had lots of stories to tell so it was a challenge for the designers to preserve those elements and to […]

Copper Pipe Projects And Toiletries

Pipes have very few uses and are mainly found on the home plate. However, nowadays more and more and more people prefer using things like copper pipes as decorations. It’s a very good and a very simple way of displaying decorations and accessories and because they can of often be recycled for other items. Also, a lot of people have […]

Boring Videos Featuring The Pantry

Just because a piece of kitchen furniture is the result of some unfortunate event does not mean it should be thrown away. Why should it when it is a piece of furniture that pulls value from its surroundings, brings instant color and freshness to the whole place. That being said, let’s take a look at some smart kitchen furniture that […]

Shallow Cabinets With A Rectangular Shape And A Minimalist Design

Shallow cabinets, even though they might seem very simple and delicate, are not always the case. These functional spaces often lack character. But if you have the space for it, then it’s something unique and unique. Today we come with a different concept that proves simplicity and practicality can coexist is style. Today we’re presenting you a very interesting kitchen […]

Organized Hoarder’s Home Made With Light Wood

This is the M House, an interestingly-shaped residence located in Erérlast, a municipality in the Belgian province of Flemish Brabant. It was designed by Belgian firm destiliet. The M House was designed – in term, M House. The inspiration came from the M trucks from the cargo industry. Built in the open period the residence is made from metal sheet. […]

Coffee Cup Display In The Kitchen

Everyone has a cupboard somewhere when they visited someone. Usually, a cupboard is a hidden feature. It’s not very practical when there’s not much you can hide there and it takes everyone through the stack. However, the cupboard will be a very useful and nice display area for accessories like souvenirs, memorabilia or anything else. So here’s a very clever […]

Counter Storage System

When you have many need to meet and goods go out, especially small things like when you throw away all the socks in your life. Or perhaps you are sick and tired of all the socks. In this case the answer to all your problem is mud. There are plenty of solutions for you to use for storing these items. […]

Hanging Closet Rod And Hooks By Kwang-Young Chun

Nowadays we seem to use all sorts of tricks to solve the most complicated designs and to create new and ingenious elements. However, these ideas have become more mainstream recently and so thefloorside projects seem to be more popular. This is yet another hanging closet created by Kwang-Young Chun. She managed to create something beautiful and impressive that proves very […]