Modulares Closet With Wall Units

If you have a large bathroom and you don’t know what to decorate in that particular room, a very good idea would be to find a save design solution. You might have enough space for some wall shelves, maybe even a custom unit with shelves. They will provide you with some useful storage space and they will also make the […]

Md Canvas Storage

MD-5110 was a controversial and out-of-the-box idea that has become a famous image lately. However, the project was not impossible nor was it impossible. The problem was, during the construction of the tower, the clients had to take care of the electrical and plumbing needs. The tower was a one-person project. The clients spent several years to make sure they […]

Mandal Ikea Wides A Park With Water

A home doesn’t need to be big and impressive in order to be beautiful. We’ve all seen such houses but we never realized how successful they are at creating cozy and inviting decors. This is a small but colorful cottage created by Sou Fujimoto Architects. It’s sits on a very beautiful site that the architects had to renovate. The cottage […]

Mint And Black Furniture For Kids

Kids love colors and they even dream of being a grown up. But a kid’s home says everything until they get to age ten. It’s a lot to think about but with no alternative but to still love to be with them one day. The toys are a problem. They are not usually happy there. At one point you start […]

Bathroom Door Organizer

I know plenty of people who are not always very organized because they simply wanted to be able to have a nice, clean bathroom and also to always know where to put their things, something that could look nice in their home but that lacks the practicality. This downside is not present for all, as bathroom door organizers are usually […]