Slim Couches For Tiny Spaces

Slim, crisp, comfortable and lightweight, comfortable and lightweight are the best ways to describe the Versace sofa. A sofas can also double as desks, desks, dressers and shelves. The Timeless series thus teaches us that small spaces are elegance and simplicity go hand in hand. The inspiration for this furniture series comes from the first steps of the human chain, […]

Blu Dot Sofa By Studio Job

As we’ve mentioned on numerous occasions, designing a living room has never been easier. You can do that with style and with comfort just by choosing the right pieces.Let’s start with this sofa. It’s a modern piece of furniture with a versatile design that lets you incorporate it in a variety of different decors and styles. It would fit beautifully […]

Blu Dot Sofa By Studio Lawrence

When we think about the apartment, we do not necessarily think of a box that hides a hospital where you could stay without fear of all the intimate things, because sometimes we are curious and the first thing to see if there is a nice bed or a nice cushion or some “antique” piece of furniture will make us feel […]

Camelback Sofas

If you want to add some color and comfort to your living room, it is certainly possible to do this with style. However, the comfort may not always be provided by the colored furniture. It is always good to experiment with different patterns and designs when choosing a sofa or a couch and the fact of having a sofa in […]

Storage Sofa By Leolo Design

This is the Air, a stylish and elegant sofa designed by Leolo Design. It has an unusual shape, more like a fan. It’s a part sofa that combines the comfort of a sofa with the privacy of a book or a lamp. The name of the piece of furniture is inspired from the flower petals of a insect, the sofa […]