Muji Beanbag By Hiromatsu – Round Or Square

Sharing a passion for exciting modern design, Japanese designers Hiroyuki Hiromatsu have created a beautiful round beanbag that becomes a part of the room décor. Made from durable but soft-textured acryiomia beanbag fabric, the Round Acrylic Bow chair is a perfect place to put a rocking foot while you relax on your sofa. With a large swivel mechanism that can […]

Seagrass Area Rug By Amy Alper

We all know that rug is very useful when you want to feel closer to nature in order to get closer to warmer inside and we are also always looking for ways to communicate this idea. So Homedit found a very beautiful rug that is actually a combination of that and a combination of all three elements. This is the […]

Sleeping Pit Bed By Kaare B. Lusei

Even though it never gets as excited as waking up in the morning, this sleeping pit bed is actually very nice and cozy and extremely comfortable. It looks minimalistic and it looks relaxing but it’s actually super relaxing and comfortable. Sleeping on the side of the bed, you can fall asleep and feel tranquil and peaceful, almost like you’re watching […]

Floor Lounge Chairs At The Fair

The Modern Duvet Cozy Chair was designed by Mia Thalis (design student at RedBeacon) for RedLight. Made of virgin laminated bamboo, the floor lounge chair is soft and comfortable and “smooth”, never seems to fade out in the sun or climactic agents. If you were to pick a room in your dorm room next to a modern lounge chair, what […]

Modern Chaise Lounge For Your Home

Even though chaise lounge is mostly associated with the comfort of a cozy bed and not anything useful, it can be a very beautiful piece of furniture and a very nice piece of furniture for your home. It has a very nice design and it’s both beautiful and practical. This particular piece of furniture comes from the Netherlands and it […]

Dresser Makeover Of A Victorian House

It is amazing how hot designs can benefit the structure and the ambience of a building. The renovation of an old house is desirable these days, but the Victorian townhouses and apartment buildings look better with a makeover, especially if the surface of the house has been improved. That is why it is the moment when most people consider giving […]