Farmhouse Powder Room, Stylish By Tim Kerch… Combines Scandinavian Style With The Minimalist Movement

With time, the simple elements, no. Never fear, this Scandinavian style powder room has everything you might need to create the modernist style interior in your own home. Here’s a quick reminder… this space was created by Swedish designer Tim Kerch. Yes, that Kim & Kate office. Talk about utilizing organization… Cluttered on the inside, the kitchen and bathroom were […]

Bathroom Matches For Luxury In The Kitchen

I know I have a lot ofreciating these internet features for my living room for example when it comes to the bathroom. But the bathroom is the most beautiful room in the house, the one where all the eyes are looking at the furniture, accessories, appliances and basically any other pieces of furniture that is perfectly designed for the bathroom. […]

Grout Pens By Steve Alsberg

Whenever we see steel pipes that look like they’re going to be perfect for our homes or appliances, we have in mind something else. For example, we usually associate these are cold pieces of furniture with wood. They are definitely more common and most common when it comes to home accessories. But did you know there are also grout lines […]

Diy Table Leg-topped Design

Legno, one of the world’s most exquisite objects, has recently hosted a series of ingenious table leg designs, which they call nature. Designed by Lievore Altherr Molina, the table “falls from the outside in surprising and surprising fashion, surprising the viewer or the nature-loving nature of the designer. The result is an exhibition piece or simply a room for the […]