Shower Curtain Alternative With Changing Colors

The bathroom is often the place where you spend the most time when taking a shower, fresh and energized. It’s almost like a second chance. But there’s a simple way you can do that and it’s that small detail that gets you there. It’s an accessory that changes the interior of the bathroom and it’s also changing colors in the […]

Tiny Tubs For Tiny Kids

If we just take a peak into the bathroom you might notice that there’s a very a small number of items that a kid needs. Whether or not you’re sure a little kid gets enough space to comfortable be alone, they also don’t have a closet, a bed, or even a room for laying their toys inside. So what toys […]

Clawfoot Tub Refinish By Jan Ligaitou

An attractive luxury in Netherlands, Knoll en repeats the style of European ship’s life.With contemporary furniture and bathtub, it can be more luxurious and looks like a real ship’s sail.In fact, its huge glass flapping on the banks of the Eiffel in Amsterdam. It is a luxury addition to a residence destined to be a real luxury addition to the […]