Philodendron In Water By Eeka

A year and a half ago the guys from Eeka got into the ground searching for some water craft products. And after some time they decided to create this nice “article” of water adorning the daily usage of their customers. They wanted something innovative and original and them got a piece of work of art in the house and a […]

Pampas Grass Dried By Water

If you want to have a pleasant time and feel healthy and comfortable sitting on your terrace or your garden, don’t your patio look beyond the beauty of your house and garden and enjoy a pleasant atmosphere? This is more than satisfactory if you have a patio. It is a combination of features and a little bit of magic. If […]

Paperwhite Narcissus Puzzle

Nursery and part of the living room is also a room that looks like a living room. It’s because of the fireplace and the fact that it also has a focal wall. So when you want to create a pleasant mood and a special atmosphere for the house, a very simple solution would be to create a décor that would […]