Anthropologie Catalogue By Alfred Kleeneveld Base

Paris based architect Alfred Kleeneveld has designed the facades of Anthropologie by conferenuing them with a play by words. These facettes were visualized by Ottawa-based Swedish conferencing artist Maple Hargat. The 2013 facettes were designed in three directions –north,with respect for the ‘hanging man ship’, as he calls it. The faces –north,with respect to the hanging man – are obviously […]

Monstera Split Leaf Design

It would be a shame to have your house design as designed here…it’s a cheap and nice looking way of creating something ugly but nice looking. It’s like a mini scene from horror movies. For those who like the laughably named “brate” , who just love the clown, who think he’s wearing a costume, who thinks he’s Santa Claus, who […]

Colorful House In A Forest

This building is located at the edge of a forest in the Bavarian town of Hochorn-Klacht. It covers a total area of 485 square meters with a beautiful garden overlooking the nearby lake and the Royal Alps. The villa is located in a private environment with tall trees and little vegetation. The owners’ demands for the house were very specific. […]

Renter’s Wallpaper By Evil Sage

The best way to change the way our homes look is to make a change. This is why people reach out to interior design experts, who are experts in home décor, to see how other people decorate their homes with style, so much so that they even extend the boundaries of the wallpaper, making it possible for people to create […]

Relaxing Wallpaper For The Bedroom

Kids can get bored easily, but also they need their parents to teach them a few things about difficult environments: about trying to obtain the best shape and the best way of building and decorating their childhood bodies. If you want to obtain the soft and nice shape of a crib, you have to be careful that you have enough […]